Lowcountry Home Environment

One of the truly unique features of the International Academic Group program is not bringing foreign students to the US, it is the care and custody we take of the students while they are in America. Unlike traditional exchange student programs where students live with a host family, at IAG we are the host family. Students live, eat, study, and play in one of our residential halls under the constant supervision of a trained housemaster.


Each residential hall offers living quarters where students have their own personal living and study space and all students share a dining area where meals are prepared by a professional chef and served in an American family environment.  Each location provides students a study area, student lounge, recreation area, Wi-Fi internet, laundry facility, and most importantly a structured living schedule where students can excel.


At IAG we strive to create an environment where students feel safe and at home as part of a large extended family. This environment allows our councilors to keep a watchful eye on the students as well as creating an environment where teachers can contact a fellow educator should they have concerns about a student.


22 AUG

1:30 pm - Massie Heritage Center

29 AUG

1:30 pm - Tybee Island Light Station

1:30 pm - Jazz Festival, Forsyth Park

27 SEP







Transportation Services

IAG is dedicated to meeting the needs of our students which includes making sure they are on time, every time.  Our team of professional transport services ensure a safe and reliable method for student transportation to and from school as well as giving them the ability to participate in extracurricular activities with a means of conveyance.


Social Support


The experience of studying abroad can be a life changing experience, but it is not always easy being a teenager.  In the absence of our students’ parents we keep a watchful eye on each child.  At IAG no student is ever left out and our group activities provide an outlet for these children to grow into healthy adults.

Swaying Spanish Moss
Environmental Awareness


Our Lowcountry campus is unique by allowing students to experience the indigenous flora and fauna that make coastal Georgia such a beautiful place to live.  Red-tailed hawks owls, cardinals and the occassional hummingbird soar overhead while fiddler crabs, turtles and grey squirrels roam our 6 acre campus.  Our instructors are committed to inspiring students to explore and develop their understanding of wilderness ethics, leadership, teamwork, natural history and technical skills.  As students spendd time on our campus and in the Lowcountry, they develop and appreciation for the places they travel through.  They experience our planet's power and beauty and they understand it's fragility.