Dean's Welcome Message,


One of the most common questions I get is, who is IAG? 


We are private company of dedicated educators, mentors and child supervisors devoted to creating a cross-cultural bridge for international students to achieve their individual academic and extracurricular goals.  Our staff are trained experts in English as a second language (ESL) education, college preparation, tutoring in a variety of disciplines, and mature and responsible role models for today’s youth. 

Each employee at IAG exhibits not only a detailed understanding of local American culture and education systems but also a global understanding of how to best excel in today’s international marketplace.


The International Academic Group is a full service organization that seeks to provide international youth access to the American educational experience and to cultivate within them the necessary skills for leading lives of personal value.  Our motivation is rooted in the American dream and what it represents to the multitude of individuals who aspire to come to this nation.  It is the allure of the American experience, rooted in the idea that in America, you are more than just a number. You are an individual. At International Academic Group we strive to meet this ideal.


Scott S. Allen
​Dean of Students

Our Philosophy

At IAG we take on the care and custody of each student for the entirety of their academic career while they attend school in America.


IAG is not a typical international student agency solely concerned with getting foreign students accepted into American schools and moving on to the next student for placement.


In addition to preparing international students for US colleges and universities, we take a personalized approach to their growth as a student and a person.

Our History

The International Academic Group was founded out of the desire to immerse international students in American cultural and educational environments.  


While the experience of being fully immersed in the US private education system is beneficial to foreign students the benefit to American students cannot be overlooked.  


The exposure to a foreign culture can only be exceeded by living abroad.  At IAG we believe the inclusion of foreign students into American schools contributes to the growth of every student and teacher involved.