Community Outreach


IAG is lucky to be part of the Savannah community and we partner with a number of local non-profit organizations to encourage students to develop volunteering skills.  Service to the community is an essential part of IAG's philosophy of leadership development.  We believe students gain the most when they can see the direct results of their work and realize just how powerful their service can be.  Here are a few of the organizations we partner with:


  • Hopes 4 Healing

  • Clean Coast

  • Savannah Tree Foundation

  • America's Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia



SAT / ACT Prep Tutoring


The best way to prepare for the SAT/ACT is to take challenging high school classes, read extensively and write as often as possible.  At IAG we encourage students to do all three while on our Campus and our instructors will help students gain confidence in their abilities and be more prepared to succeed.  IAG focuses on the following:

  • Opportunities to familiarize students with the format of the test

  • Practice on different question types

  • Instructional help through practice questions

  • Introducing approaches for answering different types of questions

  • Offering practice tests

  • Providing numerous opportunities to sharpening skills in writing effective essays

  • Giving feedback that helps students focus on areas that need improvement

TOEFL Tutoring


The TOEFL iBT test measures the 4 English language skills students will need to succeed at any institution — reading, listening, speaking and writing. Composed of 100% academic content, the test integrates these 4 skills so parents can be confident that students who score well are prepared to do their best in the classroom and beyond.  Our ESL tutors are trained how to navigate the test particulars and provide students with the skill sets to achieve the highest scores.



GPA Monitoring



IAG Administration will constantly monitor students’ progress at their respective schools.  A monthly meeting will occur face to face with each student to assess their academic progress, discipline, extracurricular activity and college preparation.  A quarterly report will be written and distributed to parents.

College Mentoring


IAG provides mentoring services for students interested in attending higher education in the United States.  Our mentors will help mold students into “well-rounded” applicants including but not limited to: a sufficient GPA, TOEFL and SAT/ACT scores, extracurricular activities, essay writing skills and that elusive “X factor.” 


IAG mentors work individually with each student to find which higher education institution suits their academic needs and future career goals.  IAG Administration has established personal relationships with admissions faculty at a wide variety of colleges and universities and can help place a student’s application to the top of their lists. 


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