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South-Eastern United States

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Since its founding in 1733, the Hostess City has greeted a diverse stew of people and cultures mixed in the humidity of Southern summers.  It’s become the home of writers, a canvas for artists and inspiration for poets.

Savannah has not only been named one of the most romantic cities by Southern Living and the Huffington Post, but also one of the most beautiful places by USA Today and one of the “Top 12 Trendy Travel Hot Spots of the World” by The New York Times.  Southern charm, an eclectic history and multilayered culture that preserve the past by infusing it with flicks of color are just a few of the reasons our Hostess City gets so much attention.

Not to mention its only 20 minutes away from Tybee Island, also known as “Savannah Beach.”  And now is the perfect time to dig your toes in the sand at the beach, stroll through Savannah’s squares and enjoy the warm weather.  You’ll find everything from trolley to pirate tours, riverboat cruises and so many other ways to see and experience Savannah.

The Hostess City of the South is a small town that feels like a big city, with people bustling down Broughton Street and walking up Whitaker Street in search of souvenirs and shops that can’t be found anywhere else.

"Great Lady"

“First and foremost, Savannah is a Great Lady.  Such a lady, meets what life brings with amazing grace, courage and style.  Since Savannah first carved her home from pine forests and salt marshes, she has weathered wars, fires, epidemics and floods.  Savannah has entertained presidents and patriots, as well as her fair share of pirates.  She has experience boom and endured bust, with both bringing her strength and renewal.  Perhaps her most special gift is Savannah’s ability to preserve the historic and to evolve, still classic, into modern times.  Savannah lets her legacy of the past serve as a catalyst for her future.  She prevails in a first class present of comfortable elegance, greatness and grace."


“America’s Thirteenth Colony…The Most Beautiful City in North America” (Le Monde newspaper, Paris)



Notable secondary schools in Savannah include the following:


Beach High School

Benedictine Military School

Calvary Day School

Islands High School

Jenkins High School

Johnson High School

Memorial Day School

Savannah Christian Preparatory School

Savannah Arts Academy

Savannah Country Day School

Savannah High School

Saint Andrew's School

St. Vincent's Academy

Windsor Forest High School