Language Immersion
  • Exclusive Use of the Target Language

At IAG, all conversation in common areas, tutoring sessions and study periods takes place in American English.Whether teaching a freshman or senior student, our trained tutors and supervisors use a conversational method based on listening and speaking versus rote memorization to make sure that English is spoken right from the first day of classes to graduation without the need of translation devices.

  • Dynamic Student Participation

The correct mastery of English as a second language encompasses lively and self-motivated student participation with maximum speaking time in all stages of tutoring. This approach, with positive making of correction, produces a comforting environment, inspiring the self-confident and everyday use of English.

  • Learning Practical English through Real Conversation

Language is an oral phenomenon; therefore, most teaching and learning is done in an oral context. By totally immersing the student in English, IAG can help simulate the real-life situations in which students will be using the language, and remove the awkward process of introducing a concept first in the student's native tongue and then in the target language.

  • Grammar as a Means of Communication

IAG tutors and staff focus on a "building-block" approach. During the early stages of instruction, initial focus is geared to instituting basic structures and grammatical points. Each structure is presented and routinely rehearsed, and serves as a base for new knowledge.

Creating global students for a global future


How well prepared are we to live in a world that has constantly grown smaller and where we

must rub shoulders with people of different cultures, of completely different customs and habits

and religions, who live under different legal systems, whose languages are different?

– Eleanor Roosevelt address at Smith College, 1949


  • Academic Support

Part of the IAG experience includes the academic support students need to excel in every subject.  Our network of tutors ensures each student will receive the support they need regardless of the subject they are studying.  An essential part of their daily routine is a scheduled study period where each student’s progress is monitored.

  • Cultural Activities

For those of us living in America, many of us take for granted the amount of cultural activities available. An indispensable part of the IAG experience are monthly excursions where students can explore the abundant cultural world around them, act their age and have some fun.  We are constantly designing outings that combine a good time with an educational benefit, thus, enriching their experience abroad.

  • Extracurricular Activities

At IAG, our belief is that the best student is a well-rounded student.  All of our students are strongly encouraged to fully engage in the high school experience and participate in what their respective school has to offer. Our system has been designed to logistically support every student’s extracurricular activities.

  • College Preparation

IAG provides mentoring services for students interested in attending higher education in the United States.  Our mentors will help mold students into “well-rounded” applicants including but not limited to: a sufficient GPA, TOEFL and SAT/ACT scores, extracurricular activities, essay writing skills and that elusive “X factor.” 

IAG mentors work individually with each student to find which higher education institution suits their academic needs and future career goals.  IAG Administration has established personal relationships with admissions faculty at a wide variety of colleges and universities and can help place a student’s application to the top of their lists.